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Workshop: Inequality by the Numbers

Posted: 4/4/2017 (Conference)

The Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality, home to the US Office of LIS, announces “Inequality by the Numbers – 2017”, the third annual intensive workshop on research on socio-economic inequalities.  The Stone Center is located within the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), in New York City.

The “Inequality by the Numbers” workshop will take a broad approach to the study of socio-economic inequalities – spanning inequalities in income, wealth, employment, education, and happiness. Instructors will focus on inequalities through multiple lenses including gender, class, race, age, and immigration status. Disparities will be considered in several geographic contexts: within New York City, across the U.S. states, across countries, and globally.

This workshop is targeted on PhD students and early-career scholars, working in a range of social science disciplines — especially economics, sociology, and political science — and with a keen interest in socio-economic inequalities. We also welcome applications from interested persons from other settings, including journalism, foundations, and nonprofit organizations. Applicants should be comfortable with presentations and readings that rely on quantitative research/analytic methods. About 40 applicants will be selected.

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Date: 06/05/2017

Deadline: 04/09/2017

Location: City University of New York