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UW College of Arts and Sciences Social Science Research Centers


The Research Mission of the College of Arts and Sciences strives to provide the highest quality resources and support to all of its Students and Faculty. The College houses a diverse array of research centers and programs, and we would like to draw your attention to three centers that are division-wide public goods, providing a broad array support for social science research and training.

These centers offer complementary and unique services, ranging from individualized intensive research support to classroom instruction, and from short-term, as-needed consultations, to longer, ongoing research contributions.. This page will help you understand where you can turn to find exactly the support you need.

Population science community development, including staff scientists to support all stages of research, extensive computing options, grants administration, and management of hard-to-access or restrictive data

Resource center for social and behavioral research and education, offering introductory workshops and undergraduate/graduate course support, large computing labs, drop in student consultants, and support for public-access data

Statistical research community development, providing sophisticated statistical consulting, grad and undergrad statistical coursework and training, as well as sponsored research support

Research and Training Resources