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CSDE Workshops

Methods for Sampling Hard to Reach Populations

Instructor: Tyler McCormick

Are you interested in developing a research project or grant application that seeks to develop and implement sampling approaches that use the most cutting-edge techniques in sampling for hard-to-reach populations? In this “Lunch and Learn” session, one of the leading statisticians studying innovative approaches to sampling, Tyler McCormick (UW Statistics and Sociology) will discuss the benefits, assumptions and pitfalls of methods for sampling hard-to-reach populations. McCormick will discuss how these methods operate in real research contexts, using cases suggested by attendees. As such, this “Lunch and Learn” will be a great opportunity to learn more about existing and innovative methods for sampling and how to apply them in your own research. Attendees are encouraged to attend both sessions, which will each focus on different sampling methods, in order to gain a more comprehensive insight into sampling methods and how best to apply them in your projects.
Missed the Lunch and Learn? The recording of Day 1 is available here and the Recording of Day 2 is available here




We encourage attendees to complete this short survey by Tuesday June 1st where you can submit descriptions of your proposed or in-progress research studies that aim to survey hard-to-reach populations. By participating in the survey, you will help us tailor the examples and applications discussed in the “Lunch and Learn” to topics that are relevant for audience members.