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Brown-bag Talk with Dan Goldhaber: Tracing the Evolution of Teacher Quality Gaps in U.S. Public Schools

Posted: 5/22/2017 (Local Events)

Abstract: There is mounting evidence of substantial “teacher quality gaps” (TQGs) between advantaged and disadvantaged students, but practically no empirical evidence about their history. We use longitudinal data on public school students, teachers, and schools from two states—Washington and North Carolina—to provide a descriptive history of the evolution of TQGs in these states. We find that TQGs exist in every year in each state and for all measures we consider of student disadvantage and teacher quality. But there is variation in the magnitudes and sources of TQGs over time, between the two states, and depending on the measure of student disadvantage or teacher quality. This points to the importance of future work focused on disentangling the factors that contribute to these TQGs.

Dan Goldhaber is the Director of the Center for Education Data & Research (CEDR), Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell, and a CSDE Affiliate. His work focuses on issues of educational productivity and reform at the K-12 level, the broad array of human capital policies that influence the composition, distribution, and quality of teachers in the workforce, and connections between students’ K-12 experiences and postsecondary outcomes.

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Date: 05/25/2017

Time: 12:30 PM

Location: University of Washington, Savery 410