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CSDE Welcomes Five New External Affiliates!

Posted: 8/5/2022 (CSDE Research)

Throughout the year, CSDE reviews applications from demographers working at other universities, as well as those working in the private and public sectors. These affiliates are keen to engage with CSDE’s scholarly community. As external affiliates they are able to access our computing resources (including data and software) and online seminars or workshops, consults with our scientific staff, and collaborate easily with CSDE’s UW faculty on research projects. Non-UW demographers interested in affiliating with CSDE can click here to apply. We are excited to welcome five new external affiliates:

  • Hilary BethancourtResearch Associate, Department of Anthropology, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University. Dr. Bethancourt is passionate about working toward comprehensive and integrative approaches to addressing the social inequities and modifiable diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors that negatively impact physiological, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Joana Cunha-CruzProfessor, Department of Clinical and Community Services – School of Dentistry University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Cunha-Cruz’s research focuses on epidemiological and intervention studies on pediatric oral conditions in Alaska Native, Latinx and low-income rural communities, as well as data analyses of national surveys and complex datasets merging different types of electronic health records.
  • Julius DoyleIndependent Researcher. As an Anthropologist, Dr. Doyle has researched a number of intersectional studies concerning the racialized experiences of African Americans and the ways that it affects their health and well-being, and presented on topics concerning the barriers that can hinder Black community outreach initiatives, academic success, and cultivating a truly diverse and inclusive work space.
  • Jamie Goodwin-WhiteAssociate Professor, Department of Geography, University of California Los Angeles. Dr. Goodwin-White’s research interests include migration and immigration, inequality, labor markets, and social statistics. Dr. Goodwin-White teaches courses on population geography, social geography, inequality, race and ethnicity, and migration.
  • Nick Huntington-KleinAssistant Professor, Department of Economics, Seattle University. Dr. Huntington-Klein’s recent research primarily focuses on econometric methods and the economics of education. He graduated from the University of Washington with a PhD in Economics in 2012.