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Graduate Student Researcher in College of Built Environments

Posted: 6/29/2020 (Employment)

Graduate student, preferably with genetic algorithm experience for our below research project from PoP-health. We aim to develop a simple tool that can support generative design on office space layouts, based on visualized optimizations of topology and geometry.

For example The tool will be applied to a number of existing Seattle office buildings. The goals are (1) to determine optimized layouts and reduced occupancy levels given the COVID-19 physical distancing requirements; and (2) to support sensitivity analysis based on a set of scenarios (e.g., open- vs close-floor plan) and constraints (e.g., 6ft vs 8ft distancing).  This hourly position is for the summer. The compensation will be around $34 (+ benefit) per hour for 15 hours per week. The title of our project is “Economic Impact of Office Workplace Transformation Due to COVID-19: How Can Buildings and Surrounding Areas Recover?” More information about our project can be found from

For details, contact Prof. Sofia Dermisi, College of Built Environments,


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