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HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment – Open Journal Call for Papers

Posted: 12/5/2016 (Conference)

This is a requisition mail from HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment – Open Journal, which is an open access journal that deals with advancements in the field of the following:

  • Latest advances in immune system
  • Popular HIV/AIDS medications
  • Treatments in HIV
  • Anti-retroviral agents
  • Pain management
  • Public policy perspectives
  • Treatment/prevention options
  • HIV care
  • HIV/AIDS-related illnesses and complications
  • Precautionary methods to prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Analysis of important social and economic issues
  • Current research and developments on other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Please submit your research in the form of articles and manuscripts relating to HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment. Articles from these fields but also from various other fields are appreciated. The article, once submitted, undergoes rigorous double-blinded peer-review process in order to earn the reputation for being published in Openventio Publishers. The following categories are accepted: Research, Review, Case report, Mini Review, Short communication, Opinion, Letter to the Editor, etc.

You may choose to submit the manuscript to or through our online submission system:

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Deadline: 12/30/2016