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Louie and Colleagues Publish Articles in JAMA and Society and Mental Health

Posted: 5/15/2023 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Pat Louie (Sociology) has just published research in two high impact journals.  With Laura Upenieks and Terrence Hill, Louie examines how the cumulative impact of pandemic stressors affects mental health outcomes, including evaluating the relative importance of psychosocial resources as moderators of those impacts.  Published in Society and Mental Health, their research makes a novel contribution in its assessment of multiple and cumulative pandemic stressors.  In a second paper, published in JAMA Network, Louie (with Cary Wu, Alex Bierman, and Scott Schieman) assesses how inflation-related stress is distributed across the population, using the Household Pulse Surveys, which were implemented during the pandemic. Congratulations to Pat Louie and her team of colleagues!