Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

*New* Request for Proposals: Russell Sage Foundation

Posted: 11/23/2020 (Funding)

Applications are open for the Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral EconomicsDecision Making & Human Behavior in ContextFuture of WorkSocial, Political and Economic Inequality Grants. In addition, RSF will also accept LOIs relevant to any of its core programs that address at least one of the following issues: Research on the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting recession in the U.S, research focused on systemic racial inequality and/or the recent mass protests in the U.S. Grants are available for research assistance, data acquisition, data analysis, and investigator time for conducting research and writing up results. Budget requests are limited to a maximum of $175,000 (including overhead) per project (max. 2 years). The deadline is 03/10/2021 for the LOI. CSDE is always happy to help you in the preparation of your applications – whether that is with scientific consultations or pre-award proposal support, which includes budget preparation, all ancillary materials, management of submission, and experienced reviewers for providing feedback on your narrative. Contact Scott Kelly, Sara Curran, Steve Goodreau, or Belinda Sachs with any questions. If you’re considering this funding opportunity, please consider filling out a proposal planning form and you will receive high quality and timely pre-award support for your application from our team!