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Paris Conference on Piecemeal Urbanization

Posted: 8/16/2016 (Conference)

SAFER (French Land-Use and Rural Settlements Corporation) would greatly appreciate receiving information from governmental officials, persons in academia, and persons serving in the non-profit sector, regarding strategies implemented or proposed which address the problem of incremental or piecemeal urbanization.  Municipalities in the more rural areas surrounding Paris are facing the all-too pervasive phenomenon known in France as “mitage,” by which agricultural and natural lands are endangered by the progressive increase of small pockets of illegal or unlawful land uses, including:

  • Illegal dumping of waste into the natural environment in such places as rural paths, creeks, streams, fallow lands, and moors.
  • The construction or expansion of dwellings and buildings built without permit, in violation of local ordinances, zoning and land use plans.
  • The unregulated alteration of land, including forest clearing, fence installation, and infilling.
  • Unauthorized settlements of trailers, bungalows and other make-shift housing.

SAFER may find it useful to compare how the problem of piecemeal urbanization has been addressed in the Seattle area, the Puget Sound region, the State of Washington, and/or the Pacific Northwest.  Please feel free to email to provide SAFER with information regarding local or regional methods of addressing piecemeal urbanization.

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Date: 09/19/2016

Location: Paris, France