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Reconstructing Urban Natures: Building Engagements between Green Urbanism, the Resilient City, and Urban Political Ecology

Posted: 8/30/2016 (Conference)

Urban political ecology to date has shown a limited capacity to creatively appropriate the better insights emerging from planning and design literatures to move the debate forward.

In a session from April 5-10, 2017, the American Association of Geographers would like to invite a wide variety of contributions from colleagues who are seeking to think about the design-politics of green urbanism, planning and urban political ecology. They would like to consider:

  • Interventions which account for the intellectual/political and strategic impasses reached by green urbanism design/green urban planning/urban political ecology;
  • Papers which investigate ongoing pathologies and problems (from green gentrification to green governmentality) that are emerging with the materialization of green urban strategies across the planet;
  • Conceptual and political interventions which might point to more robust modes of integrating urban political ecology, green urban design and architecture, and planning for resilience;
  • Explorations of the utopian and dystopian geographies of historical and contemporary modes of eco-design and design activism–from counterculture ventures to contemporary forms of community design and architecture;
  • Examples and discussions of urban social movements and eco-urban social movements and other design activist movements that might help us productively rethink the design politics of urban ecological futures; and
  • Ways of developing a more political and strategic design politics of urban sustainability.

To apply to present, please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words via email to Hannah Teicher and Damian White

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Date: 04/06/2016

Deadline: 10/14/2016

Location: Boston, MA