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Research Assistant, Semantics of Biological Processes Group

Posted: 10/22/2018 ()

The NIH has funded a new “Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling“, aimed at helping scientists build more reproducible and comprehensible predictive mathematical models of biological phenomena and disease. As part of these goals, the Semantics of Biological processes group, will build from prior work developing the SemGen toolset, and focus on improving and semi-automating the semantic annotation process. In this step, modelers and curators provide semantic annotations for models, using RDF, the language of the semantic web.

The initial work for this RA-ship includes the development of an API, written in C/C++ to read and write these semantic annotation files, providing consistent annotation capabilities to a group of tool developers. This API will build from an existing Java-based API for the SemGen tool.

The RA-ship will start in Winter Q, and will continue for at least two quarters. (This is a standard, 50% RA-ship, with tuition). Please send CV, detailing research and programming experience, and a letter of interest to . Enthusiasm and a willingness-to-learn will be important attributes of the successful applicant.

If you are looking to be part of cutting-edge research, want to make an impact on science, and want to work with a fun, diverse group of scientists, please apply for this unique opportunity!

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Location: Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling