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Social Justice in Campus-Community Partnerships: A Public Scholarship Roundtable Series

Posted: 10/7/2019 (Local Events)

Social Justice in Campus-Community Partnerships

A Public Scholarship Roundtable Series

What is public scholarship? What does it generate? Who does it address? Why is it important today?

This roundtable series seeks to deepen and enlarge cross-disciplinary conversations about scholarship as a public practice oriented toward social justice. Speakers discuss their diverse experiences facilitating campus-community dialogues and collaborations that promote effective, creative, and just problem-solving for social change.

All roundtables take place 3:30-5:00 pm in Communications 126

 Friday, October 11: What Does Public Scholarship Produce? Artifacts/Evidence
Monica De La Torre (Transborder Studies, Arizona State University)// Tracy Lai (History, Seattle
Central College)// Megan Ybarra (Geography, University of Washington)

 Friday, October 18: Who is the “Public” in Public Scholarship? Publics/Audiences

Sara Gonzalez (Anthropology, University of Washington)// Nicole Robert (Public Programs Manager, Museum of History and Industry)// Reese Tanimua (Managing Director, Northwest Folklife; Chair, Seattle Music Commission)

Friday, October 25: Why does Public Scholarship Matter? Claims/Stories
LaNesha DeBardelaben (Executive Director, Northwest African American Museum)//

Ralina Joseph (Communication and Center for Communication, Difference, & Equity, University
of Washington)// Angelica Macklin (Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies, University of
Washington) // Quetzal Flores (Director, Arts & Culture, East LA Community Corporation)

Curated and moderated by Michelle Habell-Pallán, Director of the Certificate in Public Scholarship (Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies) with Sonnet Retman (American Ethnic Studies).

Sponsored by the Certificate in Public Scholarship (CPS) and the Center for Communication, Difference & Equity (CCDE).

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Date: 10/11/2019

Time: 3:30PM

Location: Communications 126