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Posted: 6/2/2020 (Employment)

The WHO Human Reproduction Program (HRP) will soon be advertising consultant opportunities for researchers to support us in areas listed below. 

  1. Product 1: Manuscript describing attitudes of potential male and female users based on a global survey.   The manuscript would address key questions as to whether: men will use contraception and why, their partners will trust them to use contraception and why, male contraception would address unmet contraceptive needs and how, and availability of these methods would improve men’s access to other reproductive health services and how.
    1. Development of protocol
    2. Manuscript writing          
  1. Product 2: manuscript based on modelling potential of new methods of male contraception to increase contraceptive demand satisfied and to engage men in health care
    1. Review of male contraception methods under development 
    2. Market analysis 
    3. Analysis of the key drivers of unmet need 
    4. Model potential fertility, health and non-health impact of male contraception on
  1. Product 3: Manuscript based on a review of evidence on impact of unintended pregnancy on men
    1. Landscape review
    2. Manuscript writing

The time commitment is about 30-45 working days for each product, these can be spread out over the next 7 months.  The work can be done remotely without travel to Geneva. Contact James Kiarie at if you are interested. 

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