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CSDE Research Affiliate

Jenna Von Draanen

Assistant Professor, Child, Family & Population Health Nursing
University of Washington
Box: 357260

In the News:

Jenna Von Draanen is an Assistant Professor in the department of Child, Family & Population Health Nursing. The aim of Jenna's research is to improve science and address health disparities through the rigorous evaluation of interventions and their methods of implementation. Her research agenda advances scientific understanding of the social forces influencing mental health and substance use disorders, which is done through a focus on the harms of socioeconomic marginalization and childhood adversity and in a way that includes the perspectives of people with lived experience. Jenna approaches her research with a life course perspective that ensures phenomena like childhood adversity are properly contextualized and situated with an understanding of the way adversities build over time and across generations, through the concept of linked lives. While her primary appointment is in the School of Nursing, she is an interdisciplinary researcher at heart, coming to the UW from a postdoctoral fellowship in Sociology at the University of British Columbia (in Vancouver, Canada), and holding a PhD in Community Health Sciences from UCLA.