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CSDE Science Core Consultation Request

Thanks for your interest in consultating with the CSDE Science Core.

There are some other consulting services that might be more appropriate for your specific needs:

  • For detailed statistical help:
    UW Department of Statistics Consulting Services
    For help with study design and statistical data analysis:
    Faculty and graduate students in the Consulting Program of the Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics offer free statistical advice to University of Washington faculty, staff, and students through scheduled 50-minute consulting appointments during academic quarters when class is in session.  They provide assistance with:

    • the design of studies and experiments, including the preparation of grant proposals
    • data visualization and presentation
    • choice and application of statistical methods
    • development of specialized statistical methods in some cases

    The consultants have experience primarily with the R statistical analysis system, but they work with clients using whatever statistical package is most convenient for them.

  • For general computing and statistical help:
    The Center for Social Science Computation and Research Consulting
    CSSCR provides a consulting office in Savery 119 five days a week during the academic year. The consulting staff comprises graduate students from member departments who have extensive knowledge of and experience with a wide range of statistical software and methods. They represent a range of disciplines intended to meet the needs of the various member departments and schools, as well as the needs of the general student population of the University.The Consulting Office is staffed to accommodate drop-in appointments on a first come, first served basis. Individual consultants’ hours also vary based on their quarterly schedules and availability. If all of the consultants are already occupied at the time of your visit, or if you would wish to set up an appointment in advance, please send an email to and describe the problem so we may direct you to a consultant with skills tailored to your issue.
  • For undergraduates:
    The Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE)
    Available to all Seattle campus undergraduates, the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) is the largest free tutoring program at the UW. CLUE provides tutoring for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Biology, Statistics, and Computer Science & Engineering.
  • For general GIS help:
    UW Map Library
    The GIS Lab is provided by the University Libraries to support the use of GIS for coursework and research by UW students, faculty, and staff. Groups are welcome to work together on GIS assignments in this space. GIS Lab staff are available to assist lab users with locating geospatial data, integrating data into GIS projects, and basic ArcGIS functionality.
  • For detailed Biodemography laboratory or point-of-care testing services for research specimens, see the CSDE Biodemography Lab Service Request Form.
  • For detailed Census data, see The Northwest Federal Statistical Research Data Center (NWRDC). The NWRDC is part of a network of research data centers (RDCs) around the country. The NWRDC provides qualified researchers on approved projects access to restricted use demographic, economic, business and public health data originating from Federal Statistical Agencies.

If you want to get help from the CSDE Science Core, please fill this out with as much detail as you can. This will aid the CSDE research scientists in understanding your needs so we can provide better and more timely assistance.

Your request will be reviewed and one of the research scientists will respond. Responses usually take less than a week, so if you do not hear back from us, please send a reminder.