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CSDE Matching Support Application

submitted: 2024-01-09 01:41

Leveraging data to measure risk factors affecting post-acute care access and outcomes among patients within and outside of care networks

Tracy Mroz - Health Services, University of Washington - Seattle

CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(s): Tracy Mroz

Non CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(S):

Thuan Ong


Total funding request: $0.00

Grant Essentials

PRA Alignment: Health of People and Populations
Primary mechanism for this application: PHI Tier 2

Due date for primary mechanism:01/12/2024


Narrative w/ Budget: Application PDF Biosketch: Application PDF Application Materials: Application PDF

Applicant Comments

Please let me know if you need anything else to consider this request. As we are only at the LOI stage, we do not have a more complete research strategy prepared at this point. However, we can submit for reapproval from CSDE should we get preliminary approval for the PHI LOI submission and are then invited to submit a full application for the PHI grant.

Also, my home department is actually Rehabilitation Medicine, but that option was not available in the drop-down menu. I chose Health Services because I’m adjunct faculty in HSPop and health services is my research, but it’s not accurate.

Rachel Prusynski is Co-PI on this proposal and she is also a CSDE affiliate, but she’s new enough that her name hasn’t been added to the drop-down list yet.

Thank you for considering our request!

Funding Decision

Decision Date: 01/12/2024

Award Tier: Tier 1: in kind services only

Response Letter:Application PDF