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8th Annual International Conference on Immigration in OECD Countries (12/10-12/11)

Posted: 8/5/2018 (Conference)

The OECD, the CEPII (the French Research Center in International Economics), and its partners from the University of Lille (LEM), Paris School of Economics, Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti, the University of Luxembourg and IRES (UniversitĂ© Catholique de Louvain) are jointly organizing the 8th Annual Conference on “Immigration in OECD Countries” on December 10-11, 2018.

The conference will examine the economic aspects of international migration in the OECD countries by mapping the migratory flows and defining their socio-economic determinants and consequences. Topics of interest for the conference include, among others, the determinants of immigration to the OECD, migrants’ self-selection, the labor market and public finance effects of immigration, as well as migrants and refugees social, political and economic integration.

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Location: French Research Center in International Economics