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Call for Nominations: UW Postdoc Mentoring Award

Posted: 2/15/2018 (Funding)

Graduate School Mentoring Award for Postdoctoral Trainees

Call for Nominations: Postdoc Mentoring Award 2018!

The Graduate School and the UW Office of Postdoctoral Affairs awards an annual Mentoring Award for Postdoctoral Trainees to recognize and honor the tremendous role postdocs play in student research and training at UW. The patience postdocs demonstrate in spending time investing in students, even while advancing their own research and career, is a model of what we would hope to see among mentors. As we heard over and over again in the letters: postdocs serve as mentors who guide, push and inspire students to become their best selves. The Mentoring Award recipient receives an honorarium of $2,000.


Nomination Process

Has a postdoc made a difference in your life this year? Whether in the lab, in the field, or in the classroom, the Graduate School wants to acknowledge the essential role postdoctoral trainees play in our research and teaching missions here at University of Washington.

The Graduate School is seeking nomination for an exceptional UW postdoctoral trainee who dedicates time, energy and effort to mentoring graduate students. Nomination is simple. Write a nomination letter that gives an example (or many) of how this postdoc has impacted you as a mentor. Submissions should be in a single letter of 250-500 words, and can be submitted by students, postdocs, faculty or staff. Collaborations on letters are welcome, but multiple letters will not be accepted. If multiple letters are submitted, we will ask you to combine them into a single submission (reviewers are examining quality of impact the postdoc has made, not quantity of nominations).

A review committee will select finalists based on mentoring qualities so specific examples are encouraged. Finalists will be announced by April 1 and recognized at end of year ceremonies. The award winner receives $2,000 in discretionary funds.

In posting your nomination, please include the following elements:

  • Postdoc fellow’s name saved in the file name
  • Department affiliation, along with program or lab group, as relevant
  • Descriptive account of how the postdoc has served as a mentor for graduate students in particular, and other mentoring examples as appropriate
  • Your relationship to the postdoc (nominations can come from faculty, students, staff and fellow postdocs)

Questions? Contact Associate Dean Kelly Edwards, with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Core Programs in the Graduate School at

Timeline for Nomination and Final Announcement

Nomination Process


Accepting Nominations Now–Feb. 28, 2018
Reviewing Nominations March 1–March 15, 2018
Decision and Announcement March 15, 2018
Award Ceremony May 2018

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Deadline: 02/28/2018