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Bo Zhao Produces Dynamic Coronavirus Map

Posted: 2/9/2020 (CSDE in the News and CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Bo Zhao has produced a dynamic visualization of the spread of the Coronavirus. The online interactive map enables users to track both the global and local trends of the Novel Coronavirus infection since Jan 21st, 2020. The country-level data is collected from the WHO, while the data for each province in China is collected from multiple sources such as China’s NHC and Baidu. Notably, Zhao and his team also reference CDC to verify the virus status in the U.S. To provide timely map updates, they collect data every 4 hours and verify the data quality daily. In the future, they plan to provide finer-scale data from China (the county level), U.S. (the state level) and Canada (the province level).

The computational resources to support the map were provided by CSDE. Zhao’s team members include Fengyu Xu, Lola Kang, Joshua Ji, and Steven Bao.

UW News also featured the map, you can look at the post here. Additionally, multiple news outlets broadcasted Bo’s map such as KING 5 and KOMO 4.

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