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Bostrom Co-Authors Two Articles on Communicating Uncertainty in Environmental Science

Posted: 12/7/2023 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Dr. Ann Bostrom (Evans School of Public Policy and Governance) recently published two co-authored articles.  The first article, on communicating scientific uncertainty for natural hazards, is published in the International Journal of Risk Reduction and titled “Where does scientific uncertainty come from, and from whom? Mapping perspectives of natural hazards science advice.”  This study of 25 mental model interviews conducted in Aotearoa New Zealand reveals recognition of many sources of uncertainty–from the data to governance and actors involved in managing natural hazards–and of the value of uncertainty for promoting debate and inquiry.  The second article, “Trust and trustworthy artificial intelligence: A research agenda for AI in the environmental sciences” is published in Risk Analysis. Applying a risk communication lens, the authors assess research on the trust and trustworthiness of AI in the environmental sciences and identify research needs in three areas: co-development of AI with users; better measurements of trust in AI, especially its dynamics; and calibration and standard setting for trustworthy AI.

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