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Congratulations! NIH Announces Martin & Keith Winners in Decoding Maternal Morbidity Data Challenge

Posted: 12/10/2021 (CSDE in the News)

NICHD has officially announced the winners of the Decoding Maternal Morbidity Challenge. Postdoctoral Scholar Monica Keith and CSDE Affiliate and co-Director of the CSDE Biodemography Lab Melanie Martin won one of seven prizes for $50,000, plus they won an additional $10,000 for addressing health disparities. Thank you to all of those who provided good feedback and advice to them! Monica and Melanie also received $5,000 from CSDE for submitting their proposal and they received administrative help in accessing the data through a DUA submitted through OSP to NICHD. Their project title explains it all: “Structural Equation Model Identifies Causal Pathways Between Social Determinants of Maternal Health, Biomarkers of Allostatic Load, and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Among U.S. Racial Groups.”