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Congratulations to Award Recipients for Best Posters during CSDE’s Virtual Lightning Talks and Poster Session!

Posted: 3/21/2020 (CSDE Seminar Series)

The CSDE Biannual Trainees’ Lightning Talks and Poster session showcases CSDE’s talented trainees and is an important community building event for demographers across campus. On March 13, CSDE held its first virtual Trainees’ Lightning Talks and Poster Session. Congratulations to Beatrix Haddock, (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) and Yohan Min (College of Built Environments) who shared the best poster award. Beatrix presented “Differential Privacy in the 2020 Census: Considering Acceptable and Unacceptable Biases” and Yohan presented “Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies and Technologies in Residential Electric-Vehicle Charging”. The recipients of the award will receive a framed certificate and honoraria in the form of University Bookstore gift card and CSDE mug. The posters were evaluated on the basis of innovation, quality and appropriateness of research design and methodology, effectiveness in communicating the research, overall design and organization of the poster and effectiveness of visualizations.

Participants in the session gained a broad array of knowledge from the award-winning presentations and the other five excellent presentations, which covered mortality, migration, and residential mobility. CSDE Fellows Jessica Godwin (Statistics) presented “Subnational Estimation of Child Mortality at Older Ages in a Low- and Middle-Income Countries Context” and Neal Marquez (Sociology) presented “Harmonizing Child Mortality Data at Disparate Geographic Levels”. Also examining small area estimation and multiple data sources, CSDE Trainee Ian Kennedy (Sociology) presented “Metro Area and Tract-Level Influences on Online Rental Listings from Two Platforms”. CSDE Trainee William Atienza (Sociology) presented “Undocumented Migration and Residential Segregation of Undocumented Mexicans in Sanctuary Cities” and Nathan Welch (Statistics) presented “Probabilistic Migration Flow Forecasts for All Pairs of Countries”.

Emily Pollock, CSDE Trainee, NSF Fellow, and Anthropology Doctoral Candidate, did an exceptional job organizing the session. She took on the responsibility for most of the tasks involved in putting together the session and seamlessly coordinated with the large number of people involved in the planning of the event, which was complicated this year by the cancellation of the live gathering and display of posters at the Research Commons on campus. Emily handled the uncertainty and obstacles with composure shielding the others involved in the session from complications in the process.

CSDE Director, Jon Wakefield, invited a diverse panel of CSDE Affiliates to rate the posters and provide individual feedback. Thank you, Elena Erosheva (Statistics and Social Work)Abraham Flaxman (Global Health, and Health Metrics Sciences), Susan Graham (Global Health, and Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Disease)Grace John-Stewart (Global Health, Epidemiology, and MedicineAllergy and Infectious Disease), Rebecca Walter (Real Estate), and Haidong Wang (Health Metrics Sciences) for your service.

A large number of CSDE members attended the virtual session online. Their engagement, insightful questions and thoughtful written feedback to the presenters contributed significantly to the success of this event.