Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

CSDE Fall 2019 Biannual Trainees’ Lightning Talks and Poster Session

Posted: 12/1/2019 (CSDE Seminar Series)

Come meet CSDE’s trainees when they present their Lightning Talks and Posters. These trainees are eager to share their cutting-edge research and latest demographic insights with you.

Kathy Jung, Department of Economics
Spatial Search Friction and Allocative Efficiency in the Free-floating Car-sharing Industry 

Nicole Kovski, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance
A National Investigation of State Earned Income Tax Credits and Rates of Child Maltreatment Reports, 2004-2016

Hannah Lee, Department of Sociology
Understanding Neighborhood Patterns across Asian Ethnic Groups and Immigrant Destinations

Claire Rothschild, Department of Epidemiology
Utility of Remotely Enrolling Women into a Mobile Messaging Platform for Contraceptive Research in Kenya

Esteban Valencia, Department of Epidemiology
Informal Caregiving during Young Adulthood and Its Impact on Behavioral Health

Hunter York, Department of Global Health
Within-Cohort and Between-Cohort Educational Inequality and Wealth Inequality at Varying Levels of Spatial Granularity as Predictors of Contraceptive Use in 37 Low- and Middle- Income Countries  

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Date: 12/06/2019

Time: 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Deadline: 12/01/2019

Location: Green A - Research Commons in Allen Library South