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Interested in Learning About SSPs and RCPs When it Comes to Climate Assessment Scenarios?

Posted: 2/15/2021 (Local Events)

The University of Washington is hosting a series of webinars on behalf of the International Committee on New Integrated Climate Change Assessment Scenarios (ICONICS) to share recent work on the Climate Change Scenarios Framework. The first webinar will take place on Monday 22 February 2021, at 9:00 EST. The series will kick off with a tutorial on the SSPs and RCPs followed by a Q&A session with Kristie Ebi (UW), Brian O’Neill (JCGRI), and Bas van Ruijven (IIASA). Participants will learn about the SSP-RCP scenario framework and the matrix architecture, SSP regional and sectoral extensions and available resources for learning about and working with the SSPs. You can register for the webinar here. The second webinar is scheduled for 6 April (9:00 EST), and will discuss plans forward for the SSPs and RCPs based on the Achievements and Needs of the  Scenarios Framework.  For more information about ICONICS and the SSPs, click here.