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Join CSDE for Trainee PAA Practice Presentations! (04/26/2021)

Posted: 4/19/2021 (CSDE Research)

Congratulations to CSDE Trainees for being selected to present at PAA 2021! Mark your calendars for April 26, 2021 at 2 PM for CSDE’s PAA Practice Presentation Session. CSDE provides PAA student presenters the opportunity to practice their presentations and receive feedback from our interdisciplinary group of students and faculty. Four graduate students are  eager to present their research and discuss their work with you during practice presentations.

Priya Sarma (2:05-2:20): “Exploring Our Future: Creating Small Area Projections, 2020-2045”

Lee Fiorio (2:20-2:35): “Putting Migration Decline in Context: The Geography of U.S. Internal Migration, 1850-2010”
Maria Vignau-Loria (2:35-2:40): “Unequal Risks Versus Changes in Composition: Patterns and Trends of Deportation From the United States to Mexico, 2005-2018”
Q&A : 2:40-3:00

Come attend these practice talks, provide feedback as well as hear about this fascinating research in progress by our trainees. To access the Zoom link, click here.

Date: 04/26/2021