Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Join PAA Congressional Briefing on ‘Living, Working, Dying: Demographic Insights into COVID-19’ (04/23/2021)

Posted: 3/30/2021 (Local Events)

PAA members will virtually brief congressional staff on “Living, Working, Dying: Demographic Insights into COVID-19” on April 23rd at 12:00pm ET.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that factors such as age and pre-existing conditions intersect with socioeconomic and demographic characteristics—such as race-ethnicity, gender, and income—to influence both the onset and severity of the disease, as well as its trajectory. In this briefing, population scientists will share research findings on the disparate impacts of COVID and what additional research and data are needed to understand and address its far-reaching effects. Panelists include Dr. Caitlyn Collins, Dr. Marc A. Garcia, and Dr. Anna Gassman-Pines. Dr. Noreen Goldman will moderate the panel. To register, click here.