Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Keeping you in the news!

Posted: 12/19/2018 ()

It’s that time of the year when your programs are asking for your up-to-date CV’s and biosketches. Yes, CSDE will be doing the same in the coming weeks!

But, CSDE would also love to hear from you throughout the year. Not only do we care, but our NIH program officers also want to hear about your publications, grants, awards, recognitions, publicity and news coverage. They like to be able to show off your population science research and insights resulting from their investment in CSDE. Please do send us a note at with your grant and publication news, your media spotlights, and your awards and recognitions, as soon as they can be publicized!

Last, of course, we like to know how CSDE helped you succeed, because that helps us ‘make the case’ to all of our institutional investors. If you can include a specific note about how CSDE helped, along with your news update, that would be a bonus. And, we always like to remind trainees and affiliates to acknowledge CSDE (acknowledgement text can be found here).