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Nature Contact and Emotional Health is the Focus of New Research by Bratman and Co-authors

Posted: 2/22/2024 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Gregory Bratman (Environmental and Forest Sciences) released research with co-authors in Cognition and Emotion, titled “Associations of nature contact with emotional ill-being and well-being: the role of emotion regulation“. Nature contact has associations with emotional ill-being and well-being. However, the mechanisms underlying these associations are not fully understood. Authors hypothesized that increased adaptive and decreased maladaptive emotion regulation strategies would be a pathway linking nature contact to ill-being and well-being. Using data from a survey of 600 U.S.-based adults administered online in 2022, they conducted structural equation modeling to test their hypotheses. Their findingsĀ support and extend previous work that demonstrates that the associations of nature contact with emotional ill-being and well-being may be partly explained by changes in emotion regulation.

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