Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

*New* FOA Studying and Addressing the Impact of Structural Racism and Discrimination on Minority Health and Health Disparities

Posted: 3/2/2021 (Funding)

The NIH has just published a new funding opportunity announcement to solicit applications on (1) observational research to understand the role of structural racism and discrimination (SRD) in causing and sustaining health disparities, and (2) intervention research that addresses SRD in order to improve minority health or reduce health disparities. Letters of Intent are due in April and applications will be due in August. CSDE is always happy to help you in the preparation of your applications – whether that is with scientific consultations or pre-award proposal support, which includes budget preparation, all ancillary materials, management of submission, and experienced reviewers for providing feedback on your narrative. Contact Scott KellySara CurranSteve Goodreau, or Belinda Sachs with any questions.