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NSF Awards Additional Funding to the West Big Data Innovation Hub, Co-Led by the eScience Institute

Posted: 6/29/2019 (CSDE Research)

The National Science Foundation is awarding an additional $4 million for Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs to address scientific and societal challenges by building and strengthening data science partnerships across industry, academia, nonprofits, and government. UW will continue to coordinate the West Big Data Innovation Hub in collaboration with UC-Berkeley and UC-San Diego. CSDE Affiliate Sarah Stone is the West Hub Deputy Director, Co-Principal Investigator, and Executive Director of the eScience Institute.

Among projects supported by the West Hub is the UW Evictions Project, led by CSDE Afilliate Tim Thomas, which extracted information from thousands of evictions case reports and uncovered extreme racial disparity, leading directly to a policy change that increased the response time allowed to tenants.

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