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Oregon Population Estimates Program Manager

Posted: 12/19/2017 (Employment)

The Population Research Center (PRC) at Portland State University seeks an experienced and dynamic population researcher to manage the Center’s Oregon Population Estimates Program (OPEP). Affiliated with the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies (IMS) in the College of Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA), the PRC fulfills several Oregon statutory requirements through the Oregon Population Estimates program, the Oregon Population Forecast Program, and the Oregon Census State Data Center.

Additionally, the PRC works with local and state government and nonprofit agencies to conduct demographic analyses that support public and private decision making, such as school enrollment forecasts, analysis of trends and issues related to aging and public health, housing needs, and small geography population estimates. Center research faculty engage in a variety of research projects that provide data analysis to decision makers throughout the Portland metropolitan region and across Oregon.

Position Summary
The principal duty of the Oregon Population Estimates Program Manager is to produce annual population estimates for all cities and counties in Oregon on an annual basis, an annual Oregon Population Report, and quarterly supplemental reports.
The success of the program requires the Manager carry out the following responsibilities:

1) administration and planning (e.g., plan, manage, and implement the program research approach; establish and meet deadlines),
2) population estimation and demographic analysis (e.g. execution of data collection and database development, model development, and documentation of estimate assumptions), and
3) communication (e.g., reporting results in reports and public presentations).

Because population estimates drive decision making at the state and local level, the Manager is encouraged to engage with state and local decision makers and may be asked to make presentations explaining the assumptions and methodology of the estimates and to describe demographic conditions in Oregon. The position therefore may require some travel within Oregon. In addition, this position represents the PRC in the Federal State Cooperative for Population Estimates, requiring occasional travel to Census Bureau headquarters in the Washington, DC area.

A secondary duty of the Oregon Population Estimates manager is to develop custom estimates, such as small area estimates, for local governments and nonprofit organizations, and to develop other custom demographic analysis on a contract basis. The position will also contribute to the Center’s other programs, such as the Oregon Population Forecast Program. This position, if qualified, might also teach courses within PSU’s Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, toward the Graduate Certificate in Applied Demography, managed by the PRC.

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Location: Portland State University