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Research Program Coordinator/Data Analyst

Posted: 2/27/2017 (Employment)

The Research Coordinator at Johns Hopkins University will oversee the implementation of three grants including support of the MESH Program. One key indicator obtained from surveillance should be the size of the population that can be used for estimating coverage. Often surveillance implements several different methods for estimating population size. Interpretation of these estimates is problematic for programs. Programs need a denominator for coverage estimates that is useful and linked to their programs. They will assess the usefulness of size estimates obtained from surveillance for use as denominators for programs and assess a way forward. They will compare size estimates obtained from program data and from various size estimation methods. In undertaking the comparisons, they will broaden the work to not only being about static size estimates – an estimate about size at one point in time – to explore measures of the dynamics of key population group membership including the demography of membership – age-specific flows into and out of these groups– which would provide size estimates as well as additional information about turnover in the groups.

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Location: Johns Hopkins University