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Spots Still Open: CSSS 544 Event History Analysis (Winter 2019)

Posted: 1/14/2019 (Local Events)

CSSS 544: Event History Analysis (Winter 2019)

The desire to understand duration data is a major goal of research spanning many areas of social-scientific inquiry and application, from the demographer’s focus on lifespan, birth spacing, and cyclical migration; to the sociologist’s interest in recidivism and the rate of dispersal of contagions throughout social networks; to the healthcare researcher’s concern for time between exposure and infection, addiction relapse, and injury recovery; to the political scientist’s interest in the longevity of peacetime and partisan control of government; to the educator’s interest in drop-out rates and timing to completion of education programs; and so on. For graduate students in the University of Washington social science community who wish to master statistical concepts and methods particularly well-suited to describing, explaining, and predicting all manner of duration data, as well as how duration data are related to other variables of salient research interest, please consider enrolling in CSSS 544: Event History Analysis this (Winter 2019) quarter (,winter,CS&SS,544).

Plenty of spots are still open in the class. We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30a-12:20p, in Savery Hall 117. There are no course prerequisities, though students knowledgeable in R, probability theory, applied regression, maximum likelihood estimation, or Bayesian statistics will be especially well-prepared for the course content. If you are interested or desire further information, please contact the course instructor, William Brown (

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