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Student Researcher, Study on Discrimination and Unfair Treatment Among Undergraduate Students

Posted: 8/14/2019 (Employment)

A research project in the School of Computer Science & Engineering is looking to hire a student for project management and data management of a study on discrimination and unfair treatment experienced by undergraduate students, using multiple types of data.

TOPIC & DATA FORMS: The study focuses on discrimination and other stressors and forms of unfair treatment experienced by undergraduate students, with particular focus on those in engineering and computer science. Both self-administered survey data (electronically collected baseline and EMA), passive sensing data (e.g., Fitbits, phones), and interview data are involved.

FTE & TIME RANGE: Primarily part-time until mid Winter quarter 2020, then full-time for 5 months. Continued FTE depends on funding available. Longer full-time may be viable if the full range of needs can be met (e.g., qualitative data collection and analysis in addition to project and data management).

NEEDS: Primarily project management and data management (including data quality oversight). Details below. A person need not have experience with all of these but does need to be a quick learner and have basic experience with research and project management. Specialized instruction will be available to provide needed training and consultation with challenges that may arise.

  • Leading IRB processes—submitting and modifying applications
  • Contributing to discussions about study design and measurement; editing measures as needed; bringing inconsistencies or problems to the team
  • Server administration skills (optional): ‘unix server and database administration
  • Coordination of passive sensing data—e.g., buy and oversee management of Fitbit data, downloading, trouble shooting problems
  • Data quality oversight, may involve checking in with students undertaking some of this work as well as direct data monitoring
  • Human subjects payments and related management (i.e. book keeping)
  • Managing UW data requests for student information (e.g., student respondent GPAs)
  • Recruiting student participants and overseeing notifications, retention, questions that may arise.
  • Managing undergraduate students who are working on various parts of the study
  • Data analysis as time and skills allow.
  • Support in developing and processing grants.

Qualitative research skills: developing data collection, interviewing, data coding and analysis

CONTACT: Email Dr. Jennifer Mankoff with question or interest:

NOTE: Dr. Mankoff is currently away with family business and an automatic email reply may appear. Please include the term URGENT in the subject header of emails to her. If difficulties arise, email Dr. Paula Nurius to help with communication.

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Location: UW School of Computer Science & Engineering