Multiple UW departments are working together to create this opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs working in data science to connect with companies and research labs looking for permanent employees and summer interns in data science positions. Please register in advance for the event at this link.

The event will be open to students and postdocs as follows:

Starting at 12pm

  • Masters’ students in the interdisciplinary MS in Data Science program
  • MSIM students taking the Data Science specialization
  • PhD students taking the Data Science or Advanced Data Science Option in Computer Science & Engineering, Statistics, Biology, Oceanography, Astronomy, Genome Science, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or the iSchool
  • PhD students in the IGERT, BDGN and Clean Energy programs
  • Graduate students in the Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology certificate program
  • Postdocs funded by Moore/Sloan or WRF Data Science postdoctoral fellowships

Starting at 1pm

  • Undergraduates pursuing a Data Science Option through Computer Science & Engineering, ACMS, or the iSchool

Starting at 2pm

  • Additional students will be able to participate based on space availability