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Writing about Research for General Audiences

Posted: 3/13/2017 (Local Events)

UW News and the Office for Faculty Advancement want to help researchers share that knowledge worldwide by helping them learn how to write for general audiences and how to approach nonacademic publishing venues.

To that end, on April 6 and 7 we are hosting workshops on the Seattle campus for faculty, postdocs, graduate students and other UW-affiliated researchers interested in writing about their areas of expertise for mainstream audiences in the form of opinion and analysis pieces.

Our workshops will be led by editors from The Conversation, a news analysis website that publishes articles on timely issues written by academics who draw upon their expertise and research.  Assisting the editors will be our own staff writers and editors at UW News.  Last year, UW researchers across many academic disciplines published 30 analysis pieces and reached over half a million readers through The Conversation, which makes its published pieces available to other publishers for free, including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Salon and many others.  In the workshops, editors from The Conversation will provide tips and strategies for translating academic research into articles and posts appropriate for newspapers, magazines, journals, online forums and so forth.

To help us streamline the process of adding people to the workshops, we are asking interested participants to fill out the short form below.  Tell us why you’re interested and what you hope to get out of the training.

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Location: University of Washington