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CSDE Workshops

Microsoft Word for the Social Sciences

Instructor: Phil Hurvitz

This course will teach some of the basic but underutilized functions in Microsoft Word to increase your productivity, decrease time spent in repetitive tasks, and help you make more readable documents.

Have you ever worked on a thesis or term paper containing multiple sections, tables, figures, and citations? Did you ever need to rearrange the structure of your document? Did you spend hours re-numbering your section titles and table/figure captions? This workshop will introduce some of the Word tools designed to increase your productivity, including: styles, captions, cross-referencing, citations/bibliographies, and more.

Can’t make the workshop? The recording for Part 1 from 10/20/2020 is available here and the Recording for Part 2 is available here



You will need to have these applications installed on your computer:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Mendeley Desktop, see for the installer

For Mendeley, you will also need to establish a Mendeley account before the workshop starts.


We will cover these topics and others as time permits:

  1. Spell checker (duh!)
  2. Use of styles for consistent headings, body, indentations, etc.
  3. Style separator for including different styles in the same paragraph
  4. Table, figure, and equation captions and cross-referencing
  5. Including captions and graphics in tables for easier position management
  6. Citations and bibliographies using Mendeley
  7. Using RMarkdown for Word output


Online materials
Workshop materials are posted at