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CSDE Workshops

Agent Based Modeling in R

Instructor: Deven Hamilton

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to Agent-Based Modeling (ABM). The workshop will be divided into three sections. During the first third of the course we will review and discuss the basic elements of ABMs and their applications in a variety of fields including demography, sociology, anthropology, political science and public health. In the second section of the course we will work through one or two seminal examples of ABMs and reproduce the models in base R. Due to the limited time available, the R code to build these models will be provided to participants in advance. Finally, we will walk through an example of a complex ABM using the statnet and EpiModel R packages. Students will not need these packages to complete the workshop.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to describe the unique features of ABM that make them distinct from other modeling approaches, write R functions to produce a simple ABM, and be familiar with additional R packages that provide functionality for ABMs.