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CSDE Affiliates Join in Penning Opinion on COVID-related Vulnerabilities Among Women of Color and Non-Binary Faculty

Posted: 5/24/2021 (CSDE in the News)

CSDE Affiliates Jane J. Lee, Anna Zamora-Kapoor and Karin D. Martin joined Dr. Ching-In Chen, Dr. Jacqueline L. Padilla-Gamiño, Dr. Beatrice Wamuti, and Dr. Linh T. Nguyen in an opinion piece for the South Seattle Emerald in which they explain how women of color and non-binary faculty have also experienced the negative multiplier effects resulting from the COVID-19 pandemics impacts on those most vulnerable, even in the higher education sector. The authors of the opinion have been meeting regularly since 2019 as part of an early career women and non-binary faculty working group. Read their opinion here.