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CSDE Welcomes Four More Faculty Affiliates!

Posted: 10/29/2021 (CSDE in the News)

CSDE’s Executive Committee is pleased to introduce four of our new UW Faculty Affiliates:

  • Mia BennettAssistant Professor, Geography. Dr. Bennett is a political geographer skilled in geospatial methods. Through fieldwork and remote sensing, she researches the geopolitics of development in northern frontiers, namely the Arctic, Russian Far East, and along the more remote corridors of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. She is particularly interested in the role of Indigenous Peoples in leading infrastructure development in the North American Arctic.
  • Yuan HsiaoAssistant Professor, Communication. Dr. Hsiao’s major research explores the intersection of political communication, social media, and social networks. He is particularly interested in bringing a social network perspective to understanding a variety of communication and social processes, such as how networks on social media contribute to protest mobilization, how social interactions shape the production of misinformation and public opinion, how spatial and social relationships affect the spread of religion, or how community networks affect health behavior.
  • Oliver RollinsAssistant Professor, American Ethnic Studies. Dr. Rollins is a qualitative sociologist who works on issues of race/racism in and through science and technology. Specifically, his research explores how racial identity, racialized discourses, and systemic practices of social difference influence, engage with, and are affected by, the making and use of neuroscientific technologies and knowledges.
  • Emma SpiroAssociate Professor at the Information School; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Sociology. Dr. Spiro studies online communication and information-related behaviors in the context of emergencies and disaster events. Recently, she has focused on investigating misinformation online. Her work also explores the structure and dynamics of interpersonal and organizational networks in both online and offline environments.