Please join us for our Fall CSDE trainee lightning talks and poster presentations!
The following CSDE trainees will be presenting their research:

  • Erin Carll, Sociology: Sociodemographic and Housing Market Predictors of Residential Disadvantage for Households with Children
  • Youngjun Choi, Social Work: Can Internet Use Buffer Older Adults’ Cognitive Decline? Findings from the Health and Retirement Study
  • Lee Fiorio, Geography: Regularities in Mobility Patterns at Different Time Scales
  • Connor Gilroy, Sociology: Extending the Demography of Sexuality with Digital Trace Data
  • Chris Hess, Sociology: Black Hypersegregation, Neighborhood Compositions, and Zillow Housing Value Trajectories 2000-2016
  • Yuan Hsiao, Sociology: Gender Networks of Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior: The Role of Ecological Fallacy
  • Yicheng Li, Statistics: Accounting for Smoking in Probabilistic Projections of Life Expectancy
  • Neal Marquez, Sociology: Estimating Small Area Changes in Child Mortality Over Time in Mexico