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Join the UW Team for EPA RainWorks Challenge

Posted: 10/18/2018 (Local Events)

The UW RainWorks Team is an interdisciplinary team of students engaged in a national competition, the EPA RainWorks Challenge, in which we are addressing the environmental, social, and economical implications of stormwater runoff.  Our objective is to critically analyze the site and connected systems, and from that develop a green infrastructure design and management plan which incorporates innovative systems, strategies, and technologies. The challenge deliverable includes a 2-minute video, 12-page narrative, and design presentation board; the deadline is December 14. Proposals are highly judged based on the level of critical and thorough thought put into the design and management plan, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and feasibility. The final winners will receive a monetary award to catalyze the project.

We are looking at the parking lot next to the football stadium, E1, as the project site in its connection to the daylighted Ravenna Creek, and the larger connection to Lake Union. Some of the topics we have discussed include salmon viability, local tribes’ ownership and rights, campus masterplan connectivity, innovative filtration systems (to be potentially patented), phytoremediation, community engagement, social justice, space use and efficiency, organic and inorganic pollutants, educational opportunities, and funding sources and catalyzers.

We meet at 12:30 (people usually start gathering at 12) to 1:30 on Fridays in Gould Hall room 100.

Other information and past competition winners can be found here.

If interested, please contact Morgan Southall at

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Deadline: 12/14/2018