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Morales and Center for Latinx Health Release New Report on COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Posted: 10/29/2021 ()

Leo Morales, co-Director of the Latinx Center for Health, has just led the authorship of a newly released, important report on rates of vaccination among Latinos in Washington State, available HERE. Their report finds that overall in Washington state, the rate of fully vaccinated individuals among Latinos twelve years of age and older was 54.6% as of September 29, 2021, up from 40.5% in July (2021), representing a 33.4% increase in the number of vaccinated Latinos. While overall rates have improved since July, the report observes that there is some heterogeneity in rates across the state; some urban and rural Latinx communities are lagging behind and remain at significant risk of COVID-19 infections. [NB: CSDE Research Scientist Phil Hurvitz provided consultative support for the visualizations in the report].

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