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New UN World Population Prospects Benefit from UW (Current and Past) Experts

Posted: 8/5/2022 (CSDE in the News)

The UN Population Division recently released the 2022 iteration of their bi-annual World Population Prospects (WPP) global population estimates and projections. This work has benefitted from a large group of demographers who are currently at the UW or were affiliated with the UW in the recent past.  This team of expertise draws upon Adrian Raftery and his team’s innovations in developing probabilistic population projections and many other former UW faculty and graduate students, altogether the group of experts with ties to UW and CSDE includes: Sam Clark (The Ohio State University), Brian Houle (Australia National University), Jon Muir (Emory University), Adrian Raftery (University of Washington), Hana Ševčíková (University of Washington), and Mark Wheldon (The United Nations).

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