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Small Area Estimation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Posted: 11/12/2021 (CSDE Seminar Series)

This week CSDE Affiliate and Professor of Statistics Jon Wakefield will present his research on measuring the under-five mortality rate (U5MR) in low- and middle-income countries. In this talk, he will describe models that have been developed to produce the official United Nations (UN) subnational U5MR estimates in 22 countries. He will also discuss strategies for dealing with data sparsity and time and space, discrete and continuous spatial models, and a number of other modeling topics.

You can register for the seminar HERE, and check out all the upcoming topics and register for future seminars on our website.

This seminar is co-sponsored with the Population Health Initiative

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Date: 11/19/2021

Time: 12:30-1:30 PM PT