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Submit Your Latest Research Accomplishments to PAA Affairs

Posted: 5/9/2017 (Conference)

The PAA Affairs newsletter critically requires additional material from you–the PAA membership. Tell them about book releases, new positions, or upcoming conferences. They’d like to hear about the release of new data, interesting training/courses, jobs, and short essays about how your research was utilized. Also, please limit your submissions to about 250 words and include a URL, if relevant, so everyone can learn more.

NEW! They are also interested in three new features:

  1. Research to Policy: we solicit items of up to 750 words on how research was used to inform or design policy.
  2. Thought pieces of fields, trends, or innovations in population studies, of up to 750 words.
  3. Data points: An interesting chart (jpeg or gif) with 250 words of explanation.

Due to space constraints and the incredible scientific productivity of our community, they have chosen not to publish simple lists of journal articles published. If you are not sure if your news is newsworthy, just ask.

Please send your materials to either of the co-editors, Leora Lawton or Emily Merchant, by May 30, 2017.

Please note:

  1. It would help tremendously if you put “PAA Affairs” in the subject heading when communicating about the newsletter.
  2. If you do NOT receive a ‘thanks’ or some other kind of confirmation, please assume your email got caught by some spam filter and resend.

All submissions undergo editorial review for content and fit. The Editors reserve the right to select for inclusion among the items received, and to edit items for publication.

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Deadline: 05/30/2017