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UW Researcher Position (Internal), Foster School of Business

Posted: 4/26/2021 (Employment)

We are looking to hire an analyst/developer to help out our research projects. Our research group includes PhD students from UW Foster business school and other universities. All skill levels are welcome to apply. We have a wide range of compensation options, from $20 an hour for beginner level to $120 an hour for expert level.
If you are interested, please email, with your résumé/CV and contact information.
Job description
Tasks and Deliverables:
*Help create academic conference and academic journal publication quality data visualizations and presentation slides for both industry and academic audiences.
* Take model concept ideas from Python 3.6 Jupyter notebooks and expand on them to create conference ready presentations in PowerPoint or similar presentation formats.
* Research models are statistical machine learning in nature involving statistical distributions, neural networks and unsupervised learning. Background in basic statistical understanding and machine learning is preferred. Any background in text data or natural language data is helpful but not required.
* For advanced levels of compensation the common Python machine learning packages that will be useful include, Tensorflow or Pytorch, Pandas, Scikit learn, Numpy etc.
* Must be able to explain in clear English what you are doing and why you are doing it.
* Need to be able to explain presentation slides, data visualizations or programming code to other researchers and developers.
* The research group is working with numerous datasets across different subject domains including (Cybersecurity, Natural Language, 3-D Images, Computer Vision, Financial Fraud, Social Media Speech etc.).
General Information:
No overlapping/fixed hours required. We will need one remote meeting per week with more meetings in the beginning weeks of the project. Research project is scheduled to last until at least December 2021, which may be extended depending on research results.
Main Skills:
= Technology
= Academic Presentations
= Python Machine Learning
= Data Science and analysis
Good to have:
– Statistical, mathematical background would be helpful
– Interest in wanting to work in either academic research or industry research related to AI

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Location: UW Seattle