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Washington Legislature Funds New Voter Database & Website

Posted: 9/23/2022 (CSDE Research)

With funding from the Washington State Legislature, CSDE Affiliate Jake Grumbach has been tasked with developing a Washington Voters Database and a public-facing website . The funding establishes a statewide database within the University of Washington to serve as a repository of the data necessary to assist the state and all political subdivisions with evaluating whether and to what extent existing laws and practices with respect to voting and elections are consistent with the public policy,  implementing best practices in voting and elections, and to investigate potential infringements upon the right to vote.  Grumbach is working with CSDE Research Scientist Phil Hurvitz to build the database and website!  Look for updates this fall!

The project work will include creating a public-facing web site to be hosted at CSDE, providing information on historic election results and voting trends by spatially demographic information, displayed in interactive maps and tables. Funding includes ongoing support of a TA position for data processing and development of the web site. The first year’s TA will be Inhwan Ko, PhD candidate in Political Science.