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CSDE Welcomes Four More Faculty Affiliates!

Posted: 11/19/2018 (CSDE Research)

CSDE’s Executive Committee is pleased to introduce four of our new UW Faculty Affiliates:

  • Jessica Jones-Smith – Associate Professor, Health Services & Epidemiology. Jones-Smith is an obesity epidemiologist who studies social, environmental and economic causes and correlates of obesity risk. Specifically, investigating distal drivers of nutrition-related health inequities.
  • Noah Seixas – Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. Current research interests include characterization of exposures and intervention strategies to control exposures to noise in construction and welding fume in shipyards; organizational factors that may contribute to disparities in occupational health.
  • Kenneth Sherr – Associate Professor, Global Health. Sherr’s research focuses on developing and testing practical solutions to support data-driven decision making and service integration into the Primary Health Care framework to improve health system coverage and quality.
  • Michelle GarrisonResearch Associate Professor, Health Services & Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Garrison’s research areas include child and adolescent sleep problems; interactions between media use, physical activity, and sleep; health behavior change interventions; and pediatric inpatient quality of care.

These affiliates bring a wealth of knowledge and unique approaches that enhances our community of demographers and collectively advances population science. We look forward to supporting each of them as they pursue their research. You can learn more about their individual research interests by visiting their affiliate pages, linked above.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or you know of someone who should become one, you can invite them to do so by directing them to this page.  Affiliate applications are reviewed quarterly, by CSDE’s Executive Committee.